The Everest Advantage

We offer a unique instrument that affords flexibility and freedom of a limited investment partnership, as distinct from other investment vehicles. We offer our clients - be they financially sophisticated high net worth individuals or institutional investors - a choice suited to their needs. By operating through several channels we have our finger on the pulse of the Israeli industry and economy, and of the distressed assets / special situations opportunities.


Through a team of in-house analysts and board of advisors that meet quarterly, we keep abreast of the developments in the various sectors. When necessary we introduce a pool of independent experts to give an in-depth evaluation and well-informed opinion on a specific industry, company or trend. Our large deal flow and excellent contacts ensure an expanding database of portfolio prospects, be they deep value companies, distressed, under-valued companies, or arbitrage opportunities.


Our meticulous screening and prudent monitoring enable us to pinpoint the companies worthy of investment. We give our investors access to the best the country and other markets have to offer, and in certain instances, we may offer our clients the opportunity to co-invest in a portfolio company. We conduct many company visits and if required, provide on-site management - we make their business our business. Where appropriate, we offer our portfolio companies access to our contacts abroad, to the benefit of all parties.