About Everest

Maoz Everest is a privately held fund management company with approximately 20 years of experience in the field. We are a Tel Aviv based group focusing on cross-border investment banking and private investment funds. Maoz Everest is the parent company of Everest Corporate Finance and its subsidiaries Everest IB and Everest Underwriting.

Our Team

Our in-house Investment Analysis Group provides on-line monitoring of companies and trends, and ensures a reliable, up-to-date and professional source of data on which we base our decisions.


A Board of Advisors, comprising of experts from the various industries, including real estate, general industry and hi-tech, meets every 2-3 months to provide input on different sectors - problems, opportunities, risks, innovations and prospects.

Our Mission

The Everest Funds' unique boutique investment service offers high net-worth individuals, corporate, institutional and discerning clients throughout the world an effective way to reap strong returns.


The Everest Team specialize in two separate investment areas: the growing and stable Israeli economy, and the activist edge embedded in investments made all over the world.

Contact Us

32A Habarzel St. 

Tel Aviv 6971047, Israel

TEL: +972-3-6858555

MAIL: info@maozeverest.com

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